Shengqi Highquality Trolley Zeile-Conductor 2016 Bar für Crane Powerail

                Shengqi Highquality Trolley Zeile-Conductor 2016 Bar für Crane Powerail

Shengqi Highquality Trolley Zeile-Conductor 2016 Bar für Crane Powerail image

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Grundlegende Informationen.

Modell Nr.
Trolley Line/conductor bar for Crane Powerail






2016 shengqi High quality Trolley Line-conductor bar for Crane Powerail
Product Description

The conductor rail system is a modem power supply system using single-pole insulated conductor rails. Lt complies with the latest regulations and provide the electric energy for mobile consumers. The conductor rail material is copper (200A-5000A), aluminium(150A-3000A). The aluminium conductor rail is provided with a proven and patented stainless steel contact surface. Any numbers of poles can be installed vertically or horizontally. On straight or curved systems.
The conductor rail system can be installed indoor or outdoor. For high temperature conditions, a high temperature insulation cover up to +115° C is available, also for low temperature conditions, it could be up to -40° C.
The entire conductor rail system is insulated to current Safety Regulations, it is entirely protected against direct contact. Ground insulation cover is marked yellow-green on one side over the entire length of the rail.
Geneally. The phase line is Color green, the ground line is yellow-green plastic housing For H19 system, the standard length is 4.5 m long, and for other systems, the standard length is 6.0 m long. Other sections are available.
Jointing material
Snap-in joint splices provide mechanical end electrical continuity.
They include insulated protection covers.
Feed Sets
Line feeds (any joints) or end feeds.
End caps
The open ends of the conductor are closed by end caps.

Standard brackets for conductor attachment to crane girders are available. Conductor with sliding and fix point hangers.
Standard distance between suspension points for indoor and outdoor installations; 1500 mm to 2000 mm.
Expansion section
The expansion sections are required to compensate the different expansions between copper conductors and steel or concrete structures, in varying temperature without interrupting electrical power. Expansion joints are used when the power rail length between feeds, curves, switches or other fix points is exceeding 200m. Install one expansion joint according to actually installation.
Isolating section
Isolating sections are required if parts of the system or individual rails are to be de-energized within a conductor rail system. To prevent a voltage bridging by current collector two air gap isolating sections should be installed.
Power rail for working areas and transfer applications see End cap
The current collector are made of carbon brush, re-inforced nylon and galvanized or spray-paint metal spring loaded carbon brushes maintain uniform contact. Connecting cables and hinged or flexible towing arms included. Double collectors for transfer applicaitions and higher amperage.
Factory Price of Safety Trolley Line/Conductor Bar for Eot Crane power supply
Made of aluminum and edged with stainless steel, the surface of this unit is erosion-resistant, and will not become oxidized. Can be used in a damp environment, ensuring good connection and durability.
With a '' type contact surface, the brush can automatically correct its way as it moves forward on the rail. This type of surface maintains close contact, ensuring better electrical conduction. The lead angle of the conductor prevents the collector mount from tripping-out, enabling it to move more smoothly.
Factory Price of Safety Trolley Line/Conductor Bar for Eot Crane power supply

Conductor rail system
Conductor rail Aluminium Copper Stainless Steel
Type H19 H24 H32 H35 H52 H19 H24 H32 H52 H19
Nominal current at 100% DC and 35DC [A] 150 250-300 320-1250 230-800 1250-3000 150-500 500-800 800-1600 1250-5000 25
D.C. resistance at 35°C [Ω/km] 0.376 0.203-0.187 0.153-0.046 0.153-0.067 0043-0.015 0.376-0.156 0.116-0.067 0.067-0.039 0.036-0.007 11.652
Impendance at 35°C [Ω/km] 0.381 0.209-0.195 0.155-0.048 0.155-0.069 0.044-0.017 0.377-0.158 0.118-0.069 0.069-0.040 0.038-0.008 11.663
Support spacing [m] 1.5 1.5 1.8 1.8 2 1.5 1.5 1.8 2 1.5
Rail length [m] 4.5 6 6 6 6 4.5 6 6 6 4.5
Housing length [m] 4.42 5.88 5.83 5.83 5.75 4.42 5.88 5.83 5.75 4.42
Max.voltage [V] 660V Dielectric strength [KV/mm]  30-40
Travelling speed ^ 600 m/min standard GB7251.2-2006
Expansion joint not required uo to 200 m installation length
Flame retardant Class B1-no flaming particles,self-extinguishing
Permissible ambient temperature Standard insulation -30 C- +70°C High temperature insulation -20ec- +115°C Low temperature insulation -40C- +85°C

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