2016 heißes Sale Qdy Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (Brücke) Crane

                2016 heißes Sale Qdy Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (Brücke) Crane

2016 heißes Sale Qdy Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (Brücke) Crane image

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Grundlegende Informationen.

Modell Nr.
QDY Model Ladel Crane

Capacity: 5-100T, Span: 10-32M




150 Sets Per Year


2016 Hot sale QDY Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (bridge) Crane
Ladle overhead crane is special equipment to lifting liquid steel ladle. The main hoist is operated at high speed so as to fit in high productivity of heat handing and heat transport. The speed control range speed control ranges can be realized by an alternative of variable stator voltage control or frequency control of motor speed.
The ladle overhead crane designed with safety and reliability, advanced technique, rigid structure, good economy and durability, and easy maintenance.
Ladle overhead crane are divided into four types:
– Double-girder two-rail type (the ladle cranes with smaller lifting capacity)
– Double girder four-rail type (the ladle cranes with smaller lifting capacity)
– Four-girder four-rail type (ladle cranes with larger lifting capacity)
– Four-girder six-rail type (the lade cranes with extra lifting capacity)
The ladle overhead cranes have following options.
1. Variable speed control for each mechanism
2. Rotary lifting appliance;
3. Variable distance between gantry hooks;
4. Overload limit and warming display;
5. Load weighing and display;
6. Three dimensional lifted point location and display
7. PLC control and fault detection, display, record and printing system
8. Protection of cranes at the same bay from impacting;
Just tell us your detailed requirement, Ladle overhead crane will be tailored made for your projects.
2016 Hot sale QDY Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (bridge) Crane
1- Lifting Mechanism
– Open winch trolley combined with motor, gearbox, hydraulic brake, drum, sheaves, coupling, brake drum, magnets etc.
– Rigid box type trolley frame
– Wound Rotor 3-phase asynchronous metallurgy motor
–  Harden Teeth Gearbox
–  hydraulic Drum Brake ( double brake to assurance the safety)
–  Plate-rolled Drum kits
2-End Carriages
– Forged Flanged wheel
– Rigid welded box type beam
– Compact layout
– 2 main girders are welded box type
– Material: carbon steel with high quality of Q235B or Q345B
– The main girder is connected by strength bolt.
– Weld joint tested by X ray or ultrasonic examination;
– Modula design
– Designed Deflection≤1/800 of span
– Cabin control
– Independent pendent control as option
– Wireless control as option
5-Electric Part
– Conductor power supply 
– All hoist and crane movements are independent and can be run simultaneously. 
– Protection degree IP55
-The components are positioned in a maintenance friendly way, and the whole layout provides with good protection
– Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, fixed to cable trolleys, running in a galvanized C-track.
– Corrosion protection through rust removal by mechanical shot blasting SA 2.5
– First layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– Second layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
-Third Layer of coating of polyurethane 40 microns
-Average thickness: about 100 microns
-Color: yellow or Orange as per requirements
7-Safe Protection
– Emergency-off switch
– Overload protect
– Earth protection
– Zero Position Protection
– Cross travel and long travel protection
– Lifting travel protection
– Overheating protection of motor
– Alarm Bell and Lamp
Features Advantages
2016 Hot sale QDY Model Ladel Traveling Overhead (bridge) Crane
– Heavy duty material handling
– High efficiency
– High performance components with economical price
– Economical spare parts
– 2 years warranty
– Easy maintenance and Easy replacement of components
– Low cost of transportation cost and fast installation


Lifting Capacity(t) 200/50 225/65 240/80 280/65 320/80
Working Class A7 A7 A7 A7 A7
Span(m) 28 27 22 21 24.5
Lifting Height Main hook 26 32 25 24 28
Auxiliary hook 26 34 27 26 32
Speed Main hook 6 11 7 10 7.5
Auxiliary hook 10 11 9.6 12 10
Main Trolley 41 41 35 30 29
Auxiliary Trolley 38 39.5 38 39 39
Crane 78 84 80 76 58
Dimensions (mm) H 6900 7000 7000 7600 7800
H1 6000 5990 5650 6400 6500
H2 1650 1400 1350 1350 1500
B 1700 17300 18500 19200 19500
B1 10000 10100 11250 12000 12500
B2 3200 3300 3800 3800 5000
Limit dimestion (mm) b 450 450 450 500 500
H3 6000 5800 5500 5900 6000
H4 1000 1000 1500 1500 1700
S1 2600 2500 2800 3200 3300
S2 3000 3000 3200 3500 3500
S3 2000 2200 2400 2400 2600
S4 1600 1600 2800 2800 3000
Max wheel load(kN) 530 550 545 595 650
Steel track recommended QU120
Power source 3-Phase A.C. 380V 50Hz

Tailor Made
2016 Double Girder Overhead (Bridge) Ladel Crane 80 Ton
– Girder can be divided into pieces and connected with bolts at site to reduce the transportation cost
– Frequency converter systems realizing infinitely variable speed control and minimal load swing for your precise loading and unloading requirements.
– Big span over 35M
– High traveling speed for high working efficiency
Crane Inquiry Data
2016 Double Girder Overhead (Bridge) Ladel Crane 80 Ton

Crane Inquiry Data Sheet
Crane type Overhead Traveling Crane( double girder Single girder )
Gantry Crane( double girder Single girder )
Capacity (T) Main Hoist Aux. Hoist Bridge
Required Hook Lift(M) Main hoist Aux. Hoist
Runway Length(M)
Duty Group A1-A8 depends on your actual requirements
Lift Numbers times per hour
Work hours hours per day
Ambient Temperature Max. Min.
Material Handling
Crane Operation indoor outdoor
Power supply Phase Volts Hz
Control Method Cabin Floor Wireless
Special Accessories Desired
Headroom Clearance(mm)


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