2016 heißes Sale 32t L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

                2016 heißes Sale 32t L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

2016 heißes Sale 32t L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane image

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Grundlegende Informationen.

Modell Nr.
L Type

Painting Color
as Demand

Girder Structure
Rigid Box Type

Working System


Mineral Area Usage, Container Usage, Construction Usage

Tower Crane Type
Under Slewing Cranes

Sling Type
Wire Rope

Power Source

Moving Type


Standard Exporting Package

Capacity: 5-50T, Span: 10-32M




150 Sets Per Year


32t L Type single girder gantry crane
32t L Type single girder gantry crane
Single Girder Gantry Crane in L design is an economical engineering due to minimum its dead weight of gantry frame.
Single Girder Gantry Crane is combined with "L" type gantry frame, gantry crane traveling mechanism and hoisting mechanism and electric equipments. The "L" type gantry frame is rigid welding box type to meet heavy duty application.
L type Single Gantry Crane is with heavy loads up to50t and spans can be over 30 meters. For fabrication and freight-transfer applications, it can move loads rapidly and smoothly.
Ebon designed single girder Gantry cranes with different capacities and spans that will meet your requirements.

32t L Type single girder gantry crane
1- Lifting Mechanism
– Open winch trolley combined with motor, gearbox, hydraulic brake, drum, hook, sheaves, coupling, brake drum etc.
– Rigid box type trolley frame
– Wound Rotor 3-phase asynchronous motor
– Harden Teeth Gearbox
– Hydraulic Drum Brake
 -Plate-rolled Drum kits
2-Driven Bogie and Bottom Beam
– Forged Flanged wheel
– Rigid welded box type beam
– Compact layout
3-Griders and Legs
– 2 main girder and 4 legs are welded box type
– Material: carbon steel with high quality of Q235B or Q345B
– The main girder is connected by strength bolt.
– Weld joint tested by X ray or ultrasonic examination;
– Modula design
– Designed Deflection≤1/800 of span
– Cabin control
– Independent pendent control as option
– Wireless control as option
5-Electric Part
– Conductor power supply
– All hoist and crane movements are independent and can be run simultaneously.
– Protection degree IP55
– The components are positioned in a maintenance friendly way, and the whole layout provides with good protection
– Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, fixed to cable trolleys, running in a galvanized C-track.
– Corrosion protection through rust removal by mechanical shot blasting SA 2.5
– First layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– Second layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– Third Layer of coating of polyurethane 40 microns
– Average thickness: about 100 microns
– Color: yellow or Orange as per requirements
7-Safe Protection
– Emergency-off switch
– Overload protect
– Earth protection
– Zero Position Protection
– Cross travel and long travel protection
– Lifting travel protection
– Overheating protection of motor
– Equipped with rainproof devices
– Alarm Bell and Lamp
– Anemometer and aviation obstruction light as option
Features Advantages
32t L Type single girder gantry crane
– Outdoor, heavy duty material handling
– High efficiency
– High performance components with economical price
– Economical spare parts
– 2 years warranty
– Easy maintenance and Easy replacement of components
– Low cost of transportation cost and fast installation
Packing and Shipping

Lifting capacity t 50/10
Span m 18 22 26 30
Lifting Height Main m 10 11
Aux 10 11
Working system A5
speed hoisting Main 5.9
Aux. 13.2
trolley 38.5
Bridge 39.7
Total Power 150
Max.wheel Load 285 297 310 330
Steel track Recommended QU70
Power source 380v,50Hz,3-phase or other
Main Dimensions S1 mm 5000 7000
S2 5000  
LI 8006
L2 8006
L3 9906
L4 830
H 14750 16536
HI 660
H2 10550 11908
H3 10000 11000
H4 10000 11000
H5 7453 8268
B 12050
BQ 8500
B1 5500
B2 2034

Tailor Made
32t L Type single girder gantry crane
– Girder can be divided into pieces and connected with bolts at site to reduce the transportation cost
– Frequency converter systems realizing infinitely variable speed control and minimal load swing for your precise loading and unloading requirements.
– Big span over 35M
– High traveling speed for high working efficiency
Crane Inquiry Data
32t L Type single girder gantry crane

                                      Crane Inquiry Data Sheet
Crane type Overhead Traveling Crane( double girder Single girder )
Gantry Crane( double girder Single girder )
Capacity (T) Main Hoist   Aux. Hoist   Bridge  
Required Hook Lift(M) Main hoist   Aux. Hoist  
Runway Length(M)  
Duty Group A1-A8 depends on your actual requirements
Lift Numbers times per hour
Work hours hours per day
Ambient Temperature Max.   Min.  
Material Handling  
Crane Operation indoor   outdoor  
Power supply Phase Volts Hz
Control Method Cabin Floor Wireless
Special Accessories Desired  
Headroom Clearance(mm)  


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